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Francisco Jesús Montoya Sánchez


On behalf of the company and the whole family that forms Los Rubiales, it gives me great pleasure to greet you and invite you to have a look at our website, in which we hope you recognise the commitment that, through our products and actions, we have not only with the farmer and the customer but also among our workers and the environment.

I must say that it fills me with pride to work with such a high-level staff. This fact provides us with a solid structure which suits best the market challenges and allows us to look at the future with optimism. As we wish to become your strategic partner and so offer you a quality, secure and professional service, we will keep on working eagerly and with integrity, by committing ourselves to adopt a positive attitude towards the changing world of business.

In the middle of Almeria’s natural reserve and under the guidelines and standards set by Ecological Agriculture, CampoJoyma’s healthy and fresh food products spring

We grow respecting the environment and basing our work upon a type of craft agriculture which contributes to the sustainability and natural equilibrium of our environment

Thus, we do guarantee that all our products are unique as well as they represent a symbol of QUALITY, TASTE and TRADITION

Our Team

The main value of Los Rubiales is undoubtedly the staff that is dedicated to caring, pampering and elaborate the products that are part of the diet of the final consumers. It is a huge responsibility that they have assumed because they love their work and respect nature.

They are young people who have learned to extract the essence of traditional agriculture, learn from their parents and grandparents who have taught them to respect the environment in which they live because only this way contributes to the sustainability and natural balance of our environment. The future is in their hands and they will defend it conserving the nature and cultivating with all the respect.

Our Farmers

They have had the opportunity to be trained, to be up to date, they have learned to live in a globalized world, with the technology that allows us everything to be available to all. They have stayed with the best, continue forming and adapting to the changes. Thus they can be competitive with their ecological products, they demonstrate it every day, bringing to its table traditional products of quality and flavor as only possible thanks to the ecological agriculture.

Our Products

The result of applying a production as meticulous and as careful as this are fruits appreciated by the most exalted palates and aimed at people who know that food is an essential pillar in our life. In short, they are products with a unique flavor, 100% healthy and above all good, by nature.